2 comments on “Superiority Part 2. The OECD

  1. If only our leaders had looked at this graph before the recent wars. We could have attacked Australia and Norway; gotten more oil, spent less time, and improved our happiness ranking by knocking off the top countries which are so damn happy they skewing the curve.

    • Thats exactly what NobodyisFlyingthePlane is about. We’re a country afflicted with the propensity to say one thing and do another. We profess to want certain things, but we get distracted by other less important things along the way. We want greater security following 9/11, instead we mire ourselves in a proxy quest for revenge in Iraq. We want a strong economy, yet we let banks to big to fail get bigger. We want to improve education, but we clap for the smoke and mirrors of No Child Left Behind. We want to ease poverty, yet the Commies are coming if we talk about a living wage.

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