One comment on “NYTimes: Is Life Better in America’s Red States?

  1. If leftists economics are so great why is a city like Detroit such a crime-ridden hellhole? Hasn’t that city been run by democrats for over fifty years? During the sixties and seventies Congress was controlled by Democrats, yet inflation and unemployment were over 10% during the Carter Administration. That doesn’t sound like great performance. Guess the 70% income taxes didn’t work out so well. If leftist economics are great, why is inflation in Venezuela over 60% now? What about Argentina and its two defaults in the last thirteen years? The PanHellenic Socialist Party ruled Greece for almost thirty years prior to its bailout in 2011. You say Red state policies are unsustainable, I say that the leftist program of Social Security is unsustainable. The CBO would also agree with that assertion. Do you believe that higher taxes and government waste on “Green Energy” are the way forward? The Germans went in all the way on that idea and have been forced to admit that the Energiewende was a complete and total failure. Even Prussian efficiency couldn’t conquer such obstacles. If Mr. Florida believes that the economy of Texas is built on little more than oil, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But hey, it’s the NYT and they don’t need to cite any sources or research right? It’s not like the editors are paying any attention to what’s written anyway.

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