3 comments on “What About Just Eating Less Meat?

  1. Awesome post! Couldn’t agree with you more. People often think that in order to improve their health and the environment, they need to cut out meat completely. This often makes it harder for people to continue this new diet/lifestyle as meat is often embedded into people’s life and culture. I personally decided to give up meat while I do my research into the livestock industry and also while I become more confident in what I stand for. Have you cut out meat or decided to eat less meat for this reason? It’s really great to see that you can be so understanding of the fact that for some people giving up meat is extremely hard. Thank you again for the awesome post!

    • Reducing meat consumption is no easy thing. I gave it up completely over 5 years ago. It took some learning to eat a nutritious plant based diet. Slowly reducing consumption of meat while learning about plant based proteins is something that most people should be able to accomplish. The biggest barrier is that the food supply system is designed to provide animal products as the basis of any meal. Disrupting that to favor plant based meals is a heavy lift.

  2. I agree. People are so used to getting protein from animal products that they’re either unaware of plant-based protein or they’re just not interested in this. There’s also a stigma on vegetarianism or veganism that deters some people, but I believe that if we continue to educate people on the truth about the livestock industry and encouraging people to have a balanced diet, we’ll be able to make a difference! R.L

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